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There are a lot of hills in Colombia.....and mountains.....and strange plants.Not to mention 'interesting ' roads and weather.This was  the  third floor of a hospital, buried in a  mud-slide about 30 years ago.....Mud almost  reached the ceiling in this house....while the cemetery was  damaged but not buried.It all felt very eerie....and shocking too.Crimson-backed TanagerSwallow-tail sp.Avery Bartels, our guide...in a  'frontier' town!Blue-and-yellow MacawTropical Screech-owlThere is still a  lot of excellent  forest in Colombia.These  appeared to be white Centipedes, on the move !Colombia  must be the Hummingbird  capital...we  saw  44 species! This is a  White-necked Jacobin......and so are  the next few....irresistible  subjects for the  camera.

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