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You know you're in the Tropics  when the flowers look like this.........and the number of Wren species  reaches  double figures. This is a Plain Wren.The rather endearing Variable SquirrelThis Wren is a  Rufous-naped.The ubiquitous, aggressive  but rather smart Rufous-tailed Hummingbird.Blue-crowned ( or -diademed) Motmot.Rusty-tipped PageAn immature  male SnowcapMore shots of the dapper little Snowcap.......and here he is defending his patch of Porterweed from a  marauding Green Thorntail.Scintillant HummingbirdSooty-capped Bush-TanagerThe Scintillant Hummingbird againYellow-throated ( or White-naped) Brush-FinchThe shy, skulking Spot-crowned Woodcreeper..this one hadn't read the book!

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