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Let's start with everyone's favourite...Rufous-collared ( or Satan's!!) SparrowBlue-tailed Emerald ( female).Acorn Woodpecker..presumably at the southern limit of their range.Coral  Snake ( Micrurus sp.)Golden-rumped EuphoniaSpanish Moss.......always so elegant.Smooth-billed AniTropical KingbirdBlue-headed ParrotGreen JayFlame-rumped TanagerA well-preserved Ford truck...but looking at  the  chocks  under  the wheels, the brakes may not be that well-preserved !Painted doors and shutters in El Cairo, Cauca ValleyThis strange device ( presumably  for teaching children(?) how to ride was in our........delightful hotel in El Cairo.These wonderful beetles were clustered on a  large leaf...which presumably contained something they really  liked!!Cloud forest..and above  the cloud was......

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