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All these photos were taken with the Panasonic FZ200..recently acquired and I'm still learning.Pretty good for macro and scenery, but SLRs are much better for birds!
The Moluccas ( or Spice Islands) mean beaches.........and ferries !Not to mention smaller  boats.......smaller  quays.......and birders  going to sea!En route to Boano Island off Seram.The local boats are quite elegant.The island is ringed  by Coconut palms.......small villages ( each with its own mosque).......and  limestone rocks.In shallower  areas there are Mangroves........while strange  Pandanus-like Palms cling to the rocks.Our destination was a small village on the  north side ( with mosque of course).This is the main street ( with satellite television!).A very poor record  shot of the Boano Monarch.

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Sandra Johnson(non-registered)
What a lovely area to go birding! You managed some nice bird photos even without your SLR!
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