Zenfolio | John Hopkins | 2006 Tasmania
Created 13-Mar-13
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Straight off the 'plane and heading for Bruny Island........just a  short ferry crossing away.Eastern SpinebillA beautiful island and home to all of Tasmania's endemic birds.With a  climate that allows the use of poly-tunnels as  cafes !The endemic Green RosellaDusky WoodswallowJust like Shetland !..the  southern point of Bruny IslandThe bizarre  Masked Lapwing....possibly  looking the worse for wear!Tasmanian Native-hen.A storm brewingOur  'home' on Bruny IslandDusky WoodswallowAfter the stormForty-spotted Pardalote..another  endemic.Marino sheepSuperb Fairy-wrenIn the air to Melaleuca.....over  the Bruny Island ferry 'terminal'....

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