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On our first evening, Carmel took us to see  The Three Cities  at duskThe Caper Bush (Capparis spinosa).The Common Chameleon ( Chamaeleo chamaeleon) was introduced  to the St. Julian  area of Malta in the early 19th Century and is now widespread.Dingli Cliffs.....with fog !Barbary Nut Iris (Gynandriris sisyrinchium).A Thistle, possibly a  wild form of Globe Artichoke.Another Chameleon...blending in nicely !The prehistoric megalith temple complex at Mnajdra...one of the oldest religious sites on Earth.A distant view of one of the protective 'tents' at Mnajdra.The watchtower at Torri HamrijaRather you than me guys !!Entering the old city of Mdina through the Greek's  Gate.A beautiful city, with narrow  streets  and  buildings of  honey-coloured  limestone........and even the  touristy horse-drawn carriages  seem to fit in well.

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