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The sea-front in Luanda.It was , however, only a  short  drive  to Caxito and some  good  habitat.......and out first endemic, Angolan Batis.Here  we  saw  the first on many, many Baobabs......and also the  endemic Gabela Helmetshrike.A poacher's  trap.Buff-throated  Apalis ( endemic  subspecies angolensis )Yellow-browed Camaroptera.Yellow-rumped  TinkerbirdDusky-blue FlycatcherBrown-backed Scrub-Robin.The elusive  Bocage's  Bushshrike.The burning season........but the rains  came early .Dennis  in minimalist  rain-gear !Our motley  crew  'in the field' !Early  morning and a  Guinea Turaco ventures  forth..........followed  by a  Black-collared  Bulbul in the mist.A little  later, the nearby village  arrived !

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