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Sunset at Manaus in the heart of the Amazon.....and  straight off into the 'jungle' to bird!The stunning Guianan Cock-of-the-rock.A pool deep in the forest.They do good  sunsets in Brazil....Crossing the Amazon..or at least a  tributary , the Rio Negro.Bill and Duncan partying....The river  has plenty of oil on it around Manaus.........inevitable with all the  boats.The partially  built Iranduba Bridge over the Rio Negro.This is the first bridge across the  Amazon and will open up the rain forest......bad news.Boarding our boat at first light to explore the  back-waters.SunriseThe main method of transport of course.Our humble craft  awaits us while we explore the forest.The fabulous Agami Heron....an adultThe rivers are lined with old tree trunks and  flood  debrisThe strange  Sungrebe....a declining species.

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